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HUGE list of CCA Codes

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HUGE list of CCA Codes

Post  Plexi on Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:16 am

So, i have been browsing around the forums in the CCA section, and i couldnt see if there was a list of Radio Commands. So i thought i would pull up my list of Saved commands, and post them here. Hope you like them!
Combine Terminology
Administer: Carry out orders.
Amputate: Execute/Destroy.
Anti-Citizen: Criminal.
Bio-signal: Life monitoring or signs of life. Also a system in suits that monitors heart beats.
Biotic: Non-naturalized alien species. (I.e. Vortigaunts.)
Bouncer: Enemy Grenade.
Breach: Remove obstacle or defenses.
Clamp: Seal off a specific area.
Clear: Erase current orders. (Commonly used as a way to tell fellow combine that an area has no immediate threats. 'All Clear' or 'C-E' is the proper way to send such a message.)Do not get mixed up with cleaned
Cleaned: Entity is normal. (I.e. No contraband/threats, room is clear of contraband, citizens, and threats.)
Contact: Enemy unit(s) spotted and engaging.
Contain: Prevent forces or situation from spreading beyond it's current location.
Deserviced: Unit down.
Deploy: See Inject. Either can be used.
Diagnose: Determine threat level and situation.
Divisive: Having a quality that divides or seperates. (I.e. Rebellious attitude that seperates the citizens obedience to the combine.)
Examine: If applied to an organic entity, it may also mean to pat-down or frisk.
Exogen: Antlion.
Expose: Flush suspects/situation out from cover/structure.
Extract: Evacuate.
Hold: Maintain position/location defensively immediately.
Holding: Maintaining and guarding position.
Infected: Unfriendly. (I.e. Zombine.)
Infestation: High parasite activity.
Inject (To Formerly Deploy): Teams assemble at designated rally points.
Innoculate: To protect or safeguard from a threat.
Intercede: Directly control/mediate key enemy activity. (I.e. By means of ambush/manipulation.)
In position: Ready to perform orders.
Isolate: To detain a(n) (anti-)citizen and cut them off from all contact with the populace.
Line: Form solid defence/barricade defense.
Malignant: High dangerous and contagious.
Midnight: Cut all radio communications until further notice.
Necrotic: Zombie.
Outbreak: Last remaining unit in a group.
Outland: Foreign.
Pacify: To handle a situation or detain an anti-citizen - Non-lethally if possible.
Parasitic: Headcrab.
Polistability/Polistabilization: Stabilization of a political order.
Prosecute: Administer ordered citation. (Administer ordered punishment, in simpler terms.)
Restrict: Prevent access to that area or position.
Restrictor: Thumper.
Ripcord: Fall back to/move back or away unless a location is specified.
R.O.E: Rules of Engagement as authorized by any unit OfC+ (Only fire upon an individual if they fire upon you first.)
Room!: All Units in Room stand to salute superior officer (Only Indoors)
Sociocide/Sociocidal: Attempted disruption of the social order.
Stand by: Await orders.
Stabilize: Restore order through any means required, verbally or otherwise. (Non-leathally unless required.)
Sterilize: Free area/situation of.
Unlawful Procreative Activity (UPA): Engaging in relationships. (I.e. Attempting to have sex.)
Unrest: Riot or Rebellion.
Valence: The capacity of one person or thing to react with or affect another in some special way, as by attraction or facilitation of a function or activity. (I.e. This can mean anything from some passing drugs to someone, or a rally for anti-citizens.)
Virome: Poison/Fast Headcrab.
Viscerator: Manhack.

ADW: Assault with a deadly weapon
BOL: Be on the lookout
DB: Dead-body
UTL: Unable-to-locate
OID: Officer in Distress
POI: Point of Interest

Code 21: Complaint
Code 27: Attempted Crime
Code 28: Inciting a felony
Code 29: Death
Code 30: Homicide
Code 30S: Homicide by shooting
Code 34S: Shooting
Code 51B: Bomb Threat
Code 52E: Explosives
Code 94: Illegal discharge of a weapon
Code 95: Illegal carrying of a weapon
Code 187: Homicide
Code 603: Unlawful entry
Code 647A: Vagrant loitering in a public place

Communication Codes:

10-0: Caution
10-2: Good Reception
10-3: Stop transmitting
10-4: Roger/OK/Affirmative
10-7: Off Duty/Out Of Service
10-8: On Duty/ Back in service
10-12: Standby
10-13: Weather/Road Conditions
10-20: Specify Location
10-22: Disregard
10-23: Arrived on Scene
10-40: Run Silent
10-54: Negative
10-76: En Route
10-84: Advise ETA
10-85: Arrival Delayed to ____
10-87: Pickup at _____

Describing a Suspect:

10-14: Suspicious Suspect
10-32: Armed Suspect
10-37: Suspicious Vehicle
10-45: Fatality
10-55: Intoxicated Driver
10-56: Intoxicated Pedestrian
10-64: Suspect Wanted
10-77: Suspect Apprehended
10-104: Suicidal Suspect

Describing a Situation:

10-10: Fight in Progress
10-15: Civil (Public) Disturbance
10-16: Domestic (Private) Disturbance
10-31: Crime in Progress
10-34: Riot
10-53: Road Block
10-57: Hit n Run
10-59: Escort
10-80: Pursuit in Progress
10-81: Traffic Stop
10-90: Alarm Sounding
10-94: Street Racing
10-95: Abandoned Vehicle
10-97: Traffic Hazard
10-99: Officer being followed
10-101: Set up roadblock
10-103: Bomb Threat
10-105: Suicide

Describing a Fire Related Situation:

11-61: Advise Nature of Fire
11-62: Report Progress on Fire
11-63: Smoke Report
11-70: Fire Alarm
11-71: Fire

Describing a Medical Situation:

11-40: Advise if Ambulance Needed
11-45: Fatality
11-50: Accident
11-52: Ambulance Needed
11-42: No Ambulance is needed
11-80: Accident - Major Injuries
11-81: Accident - Minor Injuries
11-82: Accident - No Injuries
11-83: Accident - Unknown Information
11-102: Dead on Arrival
11-105: Suicide

RIPCORD - Return to Nexus
DB- Corpse found
BOL- Be on lookout
UTL- Unable to locate

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Re: HUGE list of CCA Codes

Post  DIABLO258 on Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:29 am

The CCA Handbook does. Under Factions, Combine Civil Authority.

But, this is a much more organized list. Would you mind if we used this one instead?

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Re: HUGE list of CCA Codes

Post  Plexi on Sun Jun 16, 2013 4:59 am

Wouldnt mind at all. Go ahead. Smile

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Re: HUGE list of CCA Codes

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