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Event time!

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Event time!

Post  DIABLO258 on Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:48 pm

The time the event will take place is 4:00PM CENTRAL.

But, I am opening the server with the event map at #:45pm CENTRAL so people can get here early and be ready.

Now let me let all of you in on some advice. This is going to be a difficult event. People are going to die. Maybe not PK's. But if you do die, just try and run back into what ever is going on. The PK will be decided later, or instantly.

Also, the CCA need to work together. Do not go off alone. Do not take small weapons, even if the rules say so (SeC i am looking at you.). Desperate times call for desperate measures, even the higher ups know when to break rules. But really, I want to see team work here between Units and OTA. I want to see the OTa putting up turrents at points. Each OTA can set a turret, just PM me that. There is a weapon cache in one of the houses for you all to set up in. The house is a safe zone, but you will never win by sitting in there forever.

Citizens, this is a new place. Its fresh, its open, you are intrigued, yet terrified. Do what the CCA ask, and take risks. This could be your last moment in life. You may not make it out of here alive. If the CCA need you to do something bold and extreme, you should do it. To save your friends. Or to save yourself. But also take remembrance in the fact that you are also not invincible.

CWU, Biotics, you both are with the citizens. You arnt so different from one another.

Always watching.

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