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Operator Position Applications-CLOSED

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Operator Position Applications-CLOSED

Post  DIABLO258 on Tue Jan 07, 2014 12:54 pm

Okay after a recent promotion, a spot has opened in the Operator section of the Administration staff. So I am going to let those of you who THINK YOU ARE UP TO THIS..... apply. Those of you who don't feel committed just yet to base A LOT OF TIME IN OUR SERVER.... please, let the experienced, long time players of TC apply.

To those of you who are thinking "I should still apply", good job, hold on to that thought.

This is the application format. Just like filling out an application for a faction or something- Except the questions will be a lot different, and instead of posting them as a reply PLEASE SEND THESE TO DIABLO258 AS A PM THROUGH THE FORUMS, and everything will be just fine. Bravo and I will review them, and choose one. Only one is needed, that is why we only want the long time members to apply. So those new members who apply, please, don't be upset if you are not chosen. We are looking for time spent with TC, and capability to handle powers.

The application questions will mostly be about how long you have been here, your RP, why you think you should be an Operator, blah blah blah you know the drill. Well, this is it. Copy what is below this line, then paste that into a PM to me and fill it out. Then send it


Fill out the questions.

Steam Name:
Forum Name:

When did you join The Crew?:

What is your most played Character on the server, that is still alive?(On top of that, tell me a list of events you've encountered since you created that character, while on that character): EXAMPLE

John Doe

Since he came to City 18 he has been in a fight with a citizen, arrested twice, and drugged once. He woke up in District 6 and has been lost since.

Why do you feel like you should be an Operator?:

If you were to get this position, and the powers that come a long with it, when would you use those powers while in the server?:

Who is a current Staff Member of TheCrew you think would vouch for you?:

Have there been any times you felt like you have helped The Crew in anyway?:

Lastly, what could you bring to our Staff to aid us in keeping The Crew stable?:

Now that you have scrolled to the bottom to get a general idea of what it looks like, please copy it from that top line, to this bottom line and paste it in a PM to me. Then you should fill it out.


Always watching.

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