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Pictures - and stuff.

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Pictures - and stuff.

Post  DIABLO258 on Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:00 pm

If some people could start using a profile picture, that'd be great.
It would make a dude with horrible memory very happy.

Now to the real point, I have seen a lot of arguing around here lately. And I am not very happy about that. If people cannot get a long, some people must either change the way they act, or get out. And trust me, if people keep the fighting act up without changing, I will force you out. Believe me, there are witnesses here.

Now I am not mad, that's not apart of my nature. So you can come talk to me and stuff without being worried that I am mad. But rules are rules, I will follow my own set of rules on who can be here and who cant, based on what I have delt with in the past. So this little charade that a few of you are playing, and you know who you are, its not a good one. So you all need to get your acts together, and shape up. Or I will have to start talking to people about how to handle this, and I dont like doing that.

Always watching.

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