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Wow, I've been gone a while

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Wow, I've been gone a while

Post  Archimedes on Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:56 am

Yea I'm sorry everyone that I have been gone for a long time, like a LONG LONG time. I'm applying to like 10 schools early action(non binding) and they are all due on November 1st. So my weekends have been college essay writing. The only time I'm on either hl2rp is empty or I don't have more than ten minutes so i end up going to tf2.

I talked to one or two members and they asked if I was going to send a letter of resignation. I was a bit upset by this for several reasons. 1. that people thought i should step down. and 2. THAT I DIDN'T LOVE YOU GUYS. alas, but I do and can only reassure you that my playing will begin to pick up in another month or so.

But i regress and hope that everything is working out fine. Although I haven't been posting I have been watching the threads and am happy to see less fights and such. However, Kat I just wish you could find some peace... and I wish ZuE would be welcomed here once again.

Until next time, this is Archimedes signing off from the bottom of the Atlantic ocean

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Re: Wow, I've been gone a while

Post  Burnt Leaf on Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:23 am

Archi. Come back. We miss you. No homo.

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