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You Really Disapoint me TC.

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You Really Disapoint me TC.

Post  That Generous Fish on Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:28 am

[Pending Review of the Admin Council]

I was once sure you guys were cool. What the fuck happened?

What i mean is that i had a chat with Unit. He admited that he and Noobstrike had greifed on Mindblast (Wich i am a fan of) for no good reason. Here's the chat.

[TC]UnitBravo342 spiller nu Garry's Mod. Klik her for at deltage.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Why are you on Mindblast?
[TC]UnitBravo342: oh, no reason
[TC]UnitBravo342: I just love to see the totally IC giant mindblast graffiti
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Wait... Someone actually said you MingeGrabbed on Mindblast.
[TC]UnitBravo342: Who said that?
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: And the Grafitti ain't IC silly.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Idk.. Some guy... I think it was on TeamSpeak i heard it.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Maybe.
[TC]UnitBravo342: Well, you're probably gonna tell them this, but fuck it
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Hm?
[TC]UnitBravo342: If you're talking the "black market" in cah, yeah, I trashed that
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Lol.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Why?
[TC]UnitBravo342: Magnum apparently got the shaft from whoever runs the pace
[TC]UnitBravo342: place*
[TC]UnitBravo342: asked me to grief it
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Omg.
[TC]UnitBravo342: hence the hit on the black market thing
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Magnum is just Butthurt cause he got banned.
[TC]UnitBravo342: this was before I found out how much of a dick weighted companion cube could be
[TC]UnitBravo342: Now I have an even better reason
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Being a minge is never something good to do.
[TC]UnitBravo342: so brb breaking everything that doesnt spawn with the map
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Dudewtf?
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Is TC attacking Mindblast or something cause they don't wan't any competitors?
[TC]UnitBravo342: It's not a TC thing
[TC]UnitBravo342: at least, diablo didnt say "go do this"
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: I know.
[TC]UnitBravo342: Noobstrike isnt mindblast's biggest fan
[TC]UnitBravo342: neither am I
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Dude i didn't think your were such a dick.
[TC]UnitBravo342: Clearly you didn't know me prior to hl2rp
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: No i don't.
[TC]UnitBravo342: whether it was teletrapping in tf2, letting teammates die in l4d, or breaking houses in minecraft, I've done my share of griefing
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Yeah... But... HL2RP?
[TC]UnitBravo342: You obviously were never on the clokwork test server if you think what I'm doing now is bad
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Yeah.. I know but...
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: I thought you only did it to servers who had done shit wrong in many many ways.
[TC]UnitBravo342: In this case, it's mostly an I dont like this server it is bad an its owner should feel bad
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Dude.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Seriously?
[TC]UnitBravo342: If it was a competition thing, you know how many servers I'd have to break?
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: And then you wanna greif it?
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: What is the reason?
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: What have we done to you?
[TC]UnitBravo342: and then noobstrike had to get himself banned in 2 seconds so I have to do all the work
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: So you were both Griefin?
[TC]UnitBravo342: I mean, he joined on a char called
[TC]UnitBravo342: Horsecunt McGee
[TC]UnitBravo342: Couldn't have been more damn obvious
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Yeah i didn't know.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Seriously dude...
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Just because... Well fucking why?
[TC]UnitBravo342: at this point
[TC]UnitBravo342: Because I dont like weighted cc
[TC]UnitBravo342: and jman needs his jimmies rustled
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: What has he done to you?
[TC]UnitBravo342: lol who was the dumbshit who left a 9mm in the street
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: A dead CP.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: I guess.
[TC]UnitBravo342: They dont clean that stuff here?
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Well that is kinda dumb...
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: I mean.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Its there IC.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: And idk were it came from.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Only when its like bigfucks like a SeC who Dies OOC'ly.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Well when Units Die OOC'ly.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Dude i tried to protect you.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: I thought you were a cool dude
[TC]UnitBravo342: WHen it comes to mindblast I could care less what they think of me
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Omg...
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: What if something gets up..
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: And like every server has some sort of Banning system.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: And they go Crazy about you-
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: And then in the future.
[TC]UnitBravo342: yeah, cause that's gonna happen
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: The only server you can join is TheCrew.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Yeah. Maybe someone does it.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Makes a website.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: With lists.
[TC]UnitBravo342: by that logic, some plugin from minecraft should've banned me from multiplayer by now
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: And a server Addon were admins can see these lists.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Yeah.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: MCban or something.
[TC]UnitBravo342: too bad mcbans has such a history of messing things up and wrongfully banning people
[TC]UnitBravo342: though thats mostly the fault of higher level griefers that know java
[TC]UnitBravo342: Did I mention Mindblast crashes my game?
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Thats not their fault.
[TC]UnitBravo342: it certainly aint mine
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Check something on Yahoo answers on how to fix it.
[TC]UnitBravo342: ps
[TC]UnitBravo342: if a list like you mentioned came into existence
[TC]UnitBravo342: people would go ratting out people they dont like
[TC]UnitBravo342: who havent actually done shit
[TC]UnitBravo342: and when it turned up that was going on, the lists would lose their credibility and be gone
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Here.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Found you a list of possible fixes.
|2BN| Katarina Gloria: Here are possible solutions.
1) Start a singleplayer game before joining HL2RP
2) Delete cache and do 1)
3) If using Windows Vista or 7, start Steam as administrator and try 1), if it doesn't help try 2)
4) If you reached this, idk. See
[TC]UnitBravo342: seeing as youre on the forum
[TC]UnitBravo342: have a look at the thread called raid rant/complainish thing

Please don't Censor/Lock this post. I just don't want a server war between two nice servers.

"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty."
-John F. Kennedy.

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Re: You Really Disapoint me TC.

Post  General Bravo on Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:32 am

[Pending Review of the Admin Council]

I don't know why you're acting like I'm trying to start a server war here. I'm not leaving things saying "compliments of TC" or even "compliments of unitbravo." For me the whole thing is like when I go around to random build servers that have killing on. They can feel free to ban me if they want. They banned Noobstrike so quickly, I'm surprised it would take them this long to come after me.

Though knowing my luck I might've just got myself and Noobstrike banned from TC instead. Most likely just myself.

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Re: You Really Disapoint me TC.

Post  Archimedes on Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:15 pm

That Generous Fish, rest assured that such an act will not go unpunished. TC does not want to start a war with Mindblast but remain friendly relations with all fellow rp communities.


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Re: You Really Disapoint me TC.

Post  DIABLO258 on Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:27 pm

Wow. I am really at shock and awe here.
I mean, I do my fair share of Greifing, but not on HL2RP anymore after I joined SoTA.
Also, some MindBlast players have attempted to grief here as well, but that does not make it okay.

Bravo the way you said all of that in that conversation almost makes me scared.

Ill have to talk to some admins about a punishment. I thought maybe a punishment wasnt needed, but this is obviously unacceptable.

Always watching.

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Re: You Really Disapoint me TC.

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