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The Crew: P2L + Rolling

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The Crew: P2L + Rolling

Post  DIABLO258 on Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:32 pm

Okay, lets begin now.

Think back when we were conversing about P2L and Rolling and how P2L would be better. Well I dont know about any of you, but it didnt look like it worked to me.

But I came up with a solution.

P2L + Rolling sounds exactly like what we wanted last time, and it kind of is, but with a small twist.

During any interaction with another player, rolling and P2L are completely optional.
Keep in mind that there are rules to this. When you are /me'ing, you can do both. But, you may only roll when your /me benefits you in anyway. Dido to P2L. If you P2L, you dont roll.
CCA: /me fires at the man - This benefits the CCA, he could shoot the target and win. Because of this, he must roll.
CCA Rolls 82.
Citizen Rolls 91.

CCA: /me shoots and misses - He had to P2L after the roll because he lost.
Citizen: /me throws his hands in the air at the sound of a shot - This is already P2L, no rolling is needed.
CCA: /me charges the man, attempting to tie his wrists - Tieing is benefiting the CCA, but in this case the CCA might not have to roll if the Citizen does not resist. He must roll UNLESS the citizen doesn't resist. But in this case, lets say he does.
CCA - OOC: Resist?
Citizen: /me resists
CCA rolls 25.
Citizen rolls 23.
CCA: /me ties the man - Because he won, he must /me tieing the Citizens hands.
CCA can have bonus rolls due to Augmentation's (AKA: Augs). Here are the rank/aug bonus':
06-01 = +0
EpU = +10
DvL/OfC = +15
CmD = +20
Apex = +25
SeC = +30

Rebel Leaders can also achieve aug's, but it is much more difficult to do so, and their aug's can only bonus their rolls to a certain extent:
Rebel Leader with augmentation's = +15
REMEMBER: The UU took over earth in 7 hours. Gordon Freeman can defeat these bastards because he has the HEV suit, and if they were real bullets he would have died back at Black Mesa.

This is Serious RP. Realism is important.

PS: If anyone is not P2L'ing or Rolling correctly, take a picture of the console logs and highlight the chat area where the mistake is made. Post it on our forums and our admins will handle it. DO NOT (REPEAT) DO NOT call an admin to the scene and try to prove that the other is guilty. Post the picture on the forums.

ALSO, do not disconnect during a player interaction such as this, it will be taken as a crime. And dont /me kills combine.

Want to discuss this topic? Post a thread under "General Discussion" with the title "P2L + Rolling - Discuss"

Always watching.

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Joe Partell - DEAD
Lok'Tar - ALIVE
Harold Kert - DEAD
Dexter Surbs - ALIVE

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