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How to get TTT working properly

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How to get TTT working properly

Post  Guest on Fri Nov 09, 2012 4:55 pm

J0E: Oi
J0E: why'd you make a new account on the forums
J0E: named
J0E: Anonymous user
Righteous ZuE is now Away.
Righteous ZuE is now Online.
Righteous ZuE: noob asked me to make that
J0E: Why?
Righteous ZuE: so he didnt have to make posts
J0E: What does that mean?
Righteous ZuE: He needed me to post somthing he didnt want to
J0E: What did he need to post?
J0E: What did he need to post?
Righteous ZuE: sorry
Righteous ZuE: sorry im talking to 4 people
Righteous ZuE: he needed a demotion request
J0E: For who?
Righteous ZuE: He asked me not to tell anyone, and i wont diablo told me to keep it a secret aswell.
J0E: Ok dude
J0E: I trust that you will remove the ZuE from your name.
Righteous ZuE: I do trust you, but if diablo find out i told anyone. He will fucking end me?
Righteous ZuE: Wanna know so bad. And why i didnt post it?
Righteous ZuE: It was for you.

J0E: thanks

I investigated that new sketchy named account "Anonymous User" and me and DIABLO found out it was ZuE that made it. And after further investigation I found that it was made so Noobstrike wouldn't have that account on his IP and could post a demotion request for me. Do you all see why I am like I am? Such a spontaneous tyraid? I'm not paranoid, The Staff really are actually after me.
On that, I hope you come to your senses.

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Re: How to get TTT working properly

Post  DIABLO258 on Fri Nov 09, 2012 5:49 pm

Oh trust me, I have had that for awhile now. It seems like I need to mess with the Addon configuration, rather than the server.cfg

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