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I'm Affaird

Post  Guest on Tue Nov 06, 2012 10:18 am

Tic, Tock, On The Clock...

Been a while, hasn't it?

So, let's talk about Clockwork, the newest edit WHOLE NEW FRAMEWORK made by the oh so talented kurozael/kuropixel/kuromiku/Conna Cook/Conna Wiles. It's being made to replace openAura, that will break in the GMod 13 update.

Now, what exactly is different? Well, this time it's free. That's right, the framework itself is being released for free. When I first heard about it back when Kuro first announced it, I was actually pleasantly surprised. Maybe he had finally learned from his mistakes, and realized that frameworks should be open-source and free? After all, its slogan is "A framework for the people". Now, knowing Kuro, this was of course not the case.

As his first thread about Cockwork CLOCKWORK started going forwards, some... Unpleasant details were being revealed. It turned out that in order to get a copy of Clockwork, you had to register on a website and get a development key. Didn't sound so bad, right? I failed to see the point of it, and it seemed really shady, but I was ready to forgive it. Then it of course turned out that the schemas for Clockwork weren't free, you'd still have to buy those or code one from scratch yourself. When I asked if you were allowed to recode one of the purchasable schemas from scratch, the question kept being dodged until they finally said that it was okay, as long as it was called something completely different and didn't use any stolen code. Fair enough, right? Well, things started going downhill from there... Kuro accidentally said that SpencerSharkey wouldn't be able to use Clockwork once it was released (Spencer had leaked an alpha copy of Clockwork), and I asked how Kuro could decide that. If the gamemode was free and open-source, then how could someone like SpencerSharkey not be allowed to use it? That's when it turned out that all schemas made for Clockwork has to be approved by Kuro. Suddenly keeping the DRM in the framework, and using shady dev keys made sense. They were there to keep Kuro in control of the Clockwork users. This means that even if you spend months making a gamemode, Kuro can, for whatever reason, say: "Nope, not allowed to use it." Adding onto that, it has also turned out that if you want to host a server running Clockwork, the server had to be whitelisted and approved by Kuro. Suddenly the framework doesn't seem all that open-source anymore.

So, knowing all of this, surely the GMod RP community won't use Clockwork, right? Surely they will realize that Kuro is still the power hungry, money grabbing douchebag he has always been? Well, apparently not, since a lot of servers are planning on using it. People have become so accustomed to openAura that they are ready to ignore all the facts, and still use Clockwork despite the better alternatives.

So, is this it, then? Is this what the GMod RP community has come to? Will we only be seeing Clockwork servers from now on? Fear not, true believers, for the rumors around the mill say that some CHILL DUDES are porting over openAura to GMod 13 as an alternative to Clockwork. While I'm no fan of openAura, hopefully this should minimize the usage of Clockwork and stop Kuro's money making schemes. One can dream.

On top of that, we've still got Tiramisu. FNox is updating it for GMod 13, and converting it to use MySQL. A friend of mine is also working on his own RP framework project. And, who knows, maybe I will take up my old framework project for the sake of alternatives?

Until next time.

There you have it, Thanks garrysmod.blogspot.


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