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1001 and counting

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1001 and counting

Post  DIABLO258 on Sun May 04, 2014 11:47 pm

It's almost a bitter sweet to be here again.

But not for long, you see, I have a plan.

All will be revealed in due time.

But first let me state that things are getting back into motion.

A dark force has entered the land of RP Communities.

Dark and... willing.

A new generation has dawned. One that is not so...


I couldn't say for sure, for it has not arrived yet.

But first let me state that things are getting back into motion.

And this time...

Things will be more...


Do not hang around these forums for long. These lands shall be laid to rest, while a new one is pulled from the gates of-


DIABLO258, will be working with you once again. I do hope you enjoyed your time at The Crew HL2RP Community, because the ride is about to go around for a second run.

ETA - Soon?

Always watching.

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