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Backstory: Alex "One Eye" Griffon

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Backstory: Alex "One Eye" Griffon

Post  ElderViking on Fri Jan 24, 2014 3:31 pm

Little is known about Alex's life before the invasion, he was a very shy child, raised in a pagan household, and in school was rarely evident to his peers;
That changed when the invasion took place. Alex had lost his sense of embarrassment and lack of confidence when he realized there was nothing to lose, it was the only good thing that came out of his time living in hell.
While living in City 8, Alex devoted most of his time to a woman named Maria Van East, whom he had an affair with. She was a city doctor, and one day they decided to get married. Maria and Alex went rogue, and ran out into the out-lands, guided by a rebel underground escape, it was there that they were ambushed, a shell landed, almost crushing Maria, she escaped however, Alex was not so lucky, he had been jumped by a headcrab, for almost 30 seconds he was incapacitated, -or maybe, 5 The time was so irrelevant to him at the moment-, A bullet blazed into the rough skin of the crab and it died on his head, deep wounds symmetrical on his neck were left, he managed to get back to the city before he was mis-counted.
From there, he was moved to City 18 within 6 days, he was slowly transforming. The day he moved to city 18, that was the day he met Patrick Free, who guided him to the slums and would seek help from the Lambda rebels of City 18, they saved his life, one day in Scar's Bar, Alex decided to get drunk, after a long day and a battle against zombies he had succeeded, He dropped the whiskey bottle on the ground, and promptly fell head first into it. It is a confirmed trait he is an alcoholic, but shows no signs of it around other people. and to this day he lives in the slums, the loss of Alex McKinley sparked a rage in, and he lives on, armed and angry.

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Re: Backstory: Alex "One Eye" Griffon

Post  Cergis on Fri Jan 24, 2014 4:57 pm

make a addition to One Eye, and Scars love :(I miss him so much, and when I say "Love" I dont mean love, I just mean some thing to remember him bye

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