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Announcement for today's additions

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Announcement for today's additions

Post  DIABLO258 on Mon Jan 06, 2014 11:26 am

Having issues - Finally today I will be adding back the loooong list of voice commands for the CCA. I will be removing the Overwatch voices from the list how ever, only because those voices are played at random on each CCA Unit.

Then I will be adding in the Vortigaunt faction, as well. Its been awhile since we have seen our old friends. But this is how it will work:
To get the Vortigaunt white list you must reach -20 points on at least ONE citizen. At that point, you are loyal enough to the CCA to have a white list dedicated to it!

DONE - Moving on, I found an Automatic Citizen Data creator. So each citizen (Or each citizen created AFTER this is put in) will automatically have data that you simply need to fill out with offences or good deeds.

DONE - Next I will add in FastDL, AT LAST. Thank Tenpenny for this one, he showed me how to do it. Although I could have learned somewhere else, he posted a tutorial on the forums. So thank you Tenpenny for your help.

To finish off, I will be fixing the T models for some of the CCA Units that are still having issues. Found out that the Female_police HD model just doesnt work. It gets all animations except the stunstick animation. If I take it out of the list, it T-Poses at all times for every weapon. Currently it is on the list, so all weapon animations work EXCEPT for stunstick. I dont know why.

Have a good day.

Always watching.

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Re: Announcement for today's additions

Post  HollerHavoc on Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:24 pm

Sounds good Diablo, not to intrude on the locked thread, but, for the females, I think the error is because of the TnB fem police which seem to override the Metro Police Pack models, so we could just use them instead.

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