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My Speculations of Population and what TC can do for the future.

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Change the map to this one?

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Re: My Speculations of Population and what TC can do for the future.

Post  HollerHavoc on Sun Dec 22, 2013 2:28 pm

It's funny though because I don't even WANT the map change or the shiny building, I am suggesting it and that's it, basically, I'm saying (in summary form) we need rp obviously, (It's even FUNNIER because I was the one suggesting a million times in group chat that nobody was listening to all the aspects of rp we need to work on again, I even made that rules thread again) and we also have to consider a certain degree of want to go with our need. All it was was a simple marketing strategy, and the argument basically went nowhere after that, All I was originally opposed to was the character confinement idea, because I know what every single bit of the last confinement rapidly stripping of things did. Just look at the thread name and the key word "FUTURE".

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Re: My Speculations of Population and what TC can do for the future.

Post  Jaquecz on Sun Dec 22, 2013 5:45 pm

I'm going to keep this short because massive walls of test = bad.

IF we are going to switch to industrial 17, First, take a look at our pop, and then take a look at the map. Since we aren't exactly the largest when it comes to pop, we should IC'ly say that I17 is currently "Under construction" and so we should block off a portion of the map completley until our pop gets significantly stronger, then as the average pop gets bigger and bigger, we can let more and more of the map become avaliable.

I'd still rather go with City23 or whatever it was called again, I17 has a small bit of performance issues.

I've noticed a large amount of rpers are really against combat rolling. So
I suggest we use this, if your not happy with it then make changes you see fit, but I just think we need extra P2L in our CombatRP.

Theres also this 15 feet rule thing, where if your weapon is unholstered and a guy is rushing you with a melee weapon of any kind of certain type or even his fists [for whatever reason that would be] you wouldn't be able to unholster your weapon in time to shoot him before he smacks you in the face, or kicks you in the balls, whatever happens.

This may or may not improve population.

If anything a big boost to population would be to make citizen rp not boring, and i don't mean facebook simulator shop running tycoon electric boogaloo 2 vibration edition.
I mean they aren't as disconnected from rp as they are right now, making rebel actions and MPF actions effect the Citizens.
One really stupid cliche example is Combine take shit out on the citizens.
They'd be too scared too, way too scared, at least the majority of them would be too scared and some of the more ballsier ones may start having second thoughts.
A rebel cliche example is "CUM WITH US IF U WANT 2 LIVE," or maybe just giving them extra shit to make their lives easier, you know, smuggling?
There's also Propganda type of things, spray paint dem walls.

Could cause extra rp with the administrator, (Assuming he's ever rp'd ever again for anylonger than 20 minutes without being afk) Like, er, some repeating propaganda broadcasts. I'm assuming people here have pretty good writing and literature skills.
Other than noobstrike and a couple others who I forgot.

AH shit i made a wall of text.


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Re: My Speculations of Population and what TC can do for the future.

Post  DIABLO258 on Mon Dec 23, 2013 4:11 am

Then I think its settled. Lets put the arguing to an end.

<:: Citizen, final judgement has been made.

The map change is on hold. If we are to switch, it will be to I17. The only way for us to make this switch is when we all can agree that nothing is wrong with the way RP functions. Everyone should be satisfied to the extent at which nobody has complaints, other than ones about other people. Minor complaints may slip past, but it should be nothing serious.


As for Noob, I am glad you stepped in.

Noob gets it. My idea was just an observation for you to all look at. Even though character switching seems like a bad idea, its still a function within the Configuration settings. So clearly people use it. Clearly it has an effect on people, maybe I just happened to notice it a few days ago, maybe I did some research on it, maybe I found out a lot of servers have it. Though most are like us, its still an idea floating about. We need to make decisions on as many of these ideas as we can, so they do not arise and become problems later on. It wont matter what map we will be on, these problems will occur if we do not perfect them now.

TC died because of this. No one was happy because things were constantly changing trying to get a population. Finally everyone got tired of it. Well not everyone, but to many.

PS: To anyone who thinks I actually back the idea of character limiting, sorry, but it is not that great of an idea. I kinda tricked a lot of you, character switching is something that grabs attention because people go "WHAT?! NO!" or they just agree with me. But it was all a ploy to get you to notice that there are things out there to debate about, talk about, figure out, and just fix in general.

Always watching.

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Re: My Speculations of Population and what TC can do for the future.

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