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Overhaul Update

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Overhaul Update

Post  DIABLO258 on Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:47 am

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Today, General Bravo and I are introducing a new update.
I call it the "Overhaul Update" because that is exactly what it is.

Bare with us, but we are removing every addon TC has. This means every single workshop item, and almost all Plugins that are not Clockwork Original. We're doing this because I believe that to fix our population, and to fix our Admin issues, we first need to start from scratch. So instead of pointing out Addon after Addon that we 'need', and blaming addon after addon about what is wrong, we are just going to start over.

This means everything.

Pharmacy, Nargodian, CSS weapons, Metro Pack v5, Union Locks. Most of it is gone.
Very little has remained, seeing as it actually is somewhat cannon..

But do not worry, all of your props should still remain. The only prop like things taken down were Ghost towers. They were taken down because we created them, and we are taking them down for this update to start over. I know we kind of just crashed everything, but I believe a fresh start is exactly what we need. So, a long with this update come a few new things.

-Administrators of TC, Every sunday night at 6:30PM GMT 5 Central, we will hold a Steam community group chat. We will be going over rules of all sorts for how ever long we feel. This happens every sunday, if you cannot make it simply message me.
-CCA, we are now holding regulatory training every Saturday night at 6:30PM GMT 5 Central. For this we will need updates on the CCA Roster. Anyone who does not show up will earn a black mark, regardless of why you could not show up. IC Reasons do not count either. If you get 3 black marks, you get a demotion.
-A new way of applying for CCA, if your character earns a total of -150 points you can ask a CCA Unit ranked 03+ they will interview you. (CCA Units this will be talked about in CCA Training next week.) If the interview is succesful, you will get RCT training. But this does not cancel out Forum applications.
-The CCA Forum application are getting a time bump to 5 days. If you want to apply, you will need 5 days of playtime in our server.

That is the Overhaul update.
It will be completed any moment here.

Always watching.

IC Characters:
CCA-C45-APEX.88052/John Partell - MISSING
Joe Partell - DEAD
Lok'Tar - ALIVE
Harold Kert - DEAD
Dexter Surbs - ALIVE

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