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Normal Conversation between Cergis and Holler

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Normal Conversation between Cergis and Holler

Post  Cergis on Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:38 pm

Here it is
Attention all helix units the DvL would like to teach you about the importance of spamming bio-gel on people and slathering around.
[6.4|Bulky|Russ/Latvia...] says "Ima helix
[6.4|Bulky|Russ/Latvia...] says "ok sew"
CCA-C18-HELIX-03.90005 says "<:: kewl"
[6.4|Bulky|Russ/Latvia...] says "Im the fill in dvl"
[6.4|Bulky|Russ/Latvia...] says "first take bio gel"
[6.4|Bulky|Russ/Latvia...] says "den"
[6.4|Bulky|Russ/Latvia...] says "make /me"
CCA-C18-HELIX-03.90005 says "<:: dvl is pe
[6.4|Bulky|Russ/Latvia...] says "den make /me about slathering bio gel on person of interest"
[6.4|Bulky|Russ/Latvia...] says "Den get out"
CCA-C18-HELIX-03.90005 says "<:: okey"
[6.4|Bulky|Russ/Latvia...] says "in otherwords"
CCA-C18-HELIX-03.90005 says "<:: dat sound sexy"
CCA-C18-HELIX-03.90005 says "<:: and penis"
[6.4|Bulky|Russ/Latvia...] says "slather and gtfo "
[6.4|Bulky|Russ/Latvia...] says "lern it well"
CCA-C18-HELIX-03.90005 says "<:: lyf"
** [6.4|Bulky|Russ/Latvia...] salutes himself
CCA-C18-HELIX-03.90005 says "<:: suk"

Alex 'Scar' McKinley: Dead from Helix DvL

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Re: Normal Conversation between Cergis and Holler

Post  HollerHavoc on Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:03 pm

Colonel SA Of TC

IC Characters

CCA-C18-HELIX-DvL.64007: Alive, Observing over his divisions units/Enhancing his OCULUS AUG.

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Daniel Fernandez: Alive, Level 5 CWU, Doing whatever he possibly can to benefit the CCA.


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Re: Normal Conversation between Cergis and Holler

Post  General Bravo on Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:16 pm

I like that meme there...I demand more....

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Nick Bradford-Alive-Hiding out in a cave

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Re: Normal Conversation between Cergis and Holler

Post  Atlas on Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:26 pm

Even though I didn't understand it, I laughed.

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Re: Normal Conversation between Cergis and Holler

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