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Character Statuses!

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Character Statuses! Empty Character Statuses!

Post  Ineptbird7 on Thu Jul 11, 2013 8:28 am

Im gonna lay it out straight, i was not even sure where to put  this. so i'm going with trial and error, maybe i'll get nudged towards the right forum to make this, and i'll just transfer this to there... I digress, post your character status here! And a  reminder:please do not meta game.

i wanted to  update you on my characters.. on the crew...
(1)Svas, has taken a turn to the "crazy" side as The C.P Killed Jannet Runner, and Civician Mercury (my characters) and his only love Anna Rowin, he has created a virus, that can shut down even the most powerful and best trained of CCA, just a small dose and they will drop dead in a matter of seconds

(2) as Samuel Winchester goes.. He's turned crazy as well, making himself a pai of Cardboard Wings, and using metal pipes as ninja swords, he's already killed two CCA a ghost 02 and a helix 03. he has their weapns to prove it, he has sworn his allegiance to protecting the "Castle" or Rebel headquarters and the Maiden, which is Pandora, also known as the rebel leader

(3) My Partly Transferred character (i didnt want to do the transfer application so i Just started fresh), would be Marcus Felix, he is Ex. H.E.V Squad, and has lost his powersuit, coming to city eight to find it he figures out that City eight is a bit more strict when it comes to things, his machete has hacked through two 04's and one 01. With his welder's mask, and his trusted Machete he had forged on the way to city 8, due to the disrespect the rebels and CCA show, not only to eachother but him too... he's looking to forge himself new armor, and take over the city

(4) I have an underaged Kid based off me, He has befriended an 04 and achieved loyalist Level one with his help. he has taken down an 03 before completely off luck, and taken his kelvar, sadly he was ambushed by Type Bs named Howler and RIpper. his armor was shredded and he is currently calling for help, bleeding out in the CAH storage room
as for the rest of my characters... Andreas Richard, and Marissa Walker. have not been properly developed...

This is ineptbird7, and i'm out... waiting for "The Crew" to be on the server! Peace!
(First post is long post...)

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Character Statuses! Empty Re: Character Statuses!

Post  Slashraider on Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:46 am

I suggest moving this to "General Discussion" But I digest.

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Shea Vegas - DEAD
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Patrick Free - Slowly recovering from his insanity and he is starting to work at the CWU Goods Store and the Hospital again.
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Lucy "Hera" Dellgott - Helping Jenny run the Resistance and maintaining the medical division in the Lambda.

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Character Statuses! Empty Re: Character Statuses!

Post  Archimedes on Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:37 am

The IC forum is for posts that are completely IC

[Moved to General Discussion]

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