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A lost connection.

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A lost connection.

Post  DIABLO258 on Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:41 am

I am losing all connection in only 3 hours so lets go over a few things.

SA's you are in charge. Make sure polls that are cannon that win are considered. But do not accept just anything. Enforce rules, keep minges out, stay ic, and keep players happy.

Holler will control the servrr funcionality. So if it crashes, he will be ontop of it.

Admins and OP's. Try to focus more on kicking and banning and less on building with the phys and possibly tool gun. Stay IC.

I trust all of you and hope to come back to the server in even better shape than I left it. It would make me one hell of a proud owner, and Admins, it will not go unseen by me. Trust me.

But, this is it. My final goodbye. Ill have pictures ready when I get back and I look forward to hearing about RP moments that I missed. Goodbye everyone. Ill see you in a few weeks.

/me exits, and closes the door behind him.

Always watching.

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