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What will the map change event be?

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What will the map change event be?

Post  Corestealer on Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:33 pm

Um....So I was wondering.... what will the Map Change event be? I mean seriously...It wasn't really said. It better not be like last time...I would like some variation

[i] Thisss one suggest that you reply


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Re: What will the map change event be?

Post  Slashraider on Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:38 pm

It already happened.

I was very confused but this is MY take on what happened.

Kayne (City Admin) died. The camera feed shows that APEX shot him and then fled. G-Man was spotted in some places in the Nexus. Ghosts 03 and EpU, HELIX 02, CmD, and SeC went to D6 to find APEX. What they found was Joe Partel's body and the Sanctuary blown up. Sector and Command went in and they met this man whom I did not see who or what he was. Then everyone left the city on a train. 

Resistance / Rebels had to take off their rebel clothes and drop their guns so they would blend in.

Please someone fill in the gaps because this all I got during the event :/.

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Re: What will the map change event be?

Post  DIABLO258 on Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:55 pm

The event was sprung off guard because I needed to kill off my Administrator and Apex characters. When we move to city 8, the rank of Apex will no longer be of use. And we will have a new administrator. 

To do this, I wanted to end off my characters so I could start fresh and give away some positions to people.

The story goes that G-Man wants to use The Apex as a tool. A tool to manipulate the real world. 
As it turns out, the murders that were seen when the G-Man is around (People have been seeing murders like this since City 18) yet they were not explained. Now, we realize that the G-Man has been using the Apex is kill selected targets for G-Man. The Apex is a good tool to use because he has been secretly conflicted over the years as a Unit when he finds out that his brother was still alive and that his brainwashing was false. (The Apex was brainwashed into thinking he killed his family BEFORE he was a CCA Unit) So upon finding this out, he realizes that even he has been lied too. He doesnt want to turn his back on the CCA at all, but he really didnt know what to do. The G-Man took this opportunity by giving Joe poison to inject into the Apex. 

Joe Partell has been on a mission to kill Apex for a long time now, and with this poison he can. He injected the Apex with it, thinking it would kill him, but instead it mixed with his Augmentations and caused serious brain damage. The G-Man pounced at this moment and took the Apex under his control, now with a weeker mind, the Apex can be stored within stasis. The G-Man sent the Apex to kill the Administrator, after Kayne had done some snooping about the G-Men, the Apex also stole some information he gathered about G-Man. On his way out, before anyone noticed, he ran to the Quarry where Joe was fleeing the scene after injecting the Apex. The Apex gunned down his own brother in the Slums just as the Sanctuary collapsed. After that, the G-Man put the Apex into stasis, never to be seen in C45 again.

Its a long story and was very rushed in game. But its the reason we are moving to C8.


As for actually switching maps, that will happen tomorrow.
This was merely a filler to understand why we are moving Cities.

As for Rebels, yes they did leave their shit behind. This is only because rules are changing in the next map. Rebel suits will no longer be used. So, to do this, all Rebels has to leave their weapons and suits behind to get on the train to City 8. 

The borders are guarded in Japan, so shipments do not come in. Weapons, suits, crowbars, anything considered a weapon is extremely rare within the walls of City 8.

Rouges how ever managed to sneak through disguised as other CCA Units. Once they arrive in City 8, they are forced to live on rooftops as to not be spotted by Units. They can use observer to travel around the map faster, re-creating the idea of them running from rooftop to rooftop.

EDIT: Again, I am sorry this was so rushed. I just wanted to get this update out as fast as I could and I needed something to fill the gap. Ide been wanting to finish off my characters for a long time now, so I finally took the chance. It may have not been a good idea to use them, but hey its what is pushing us onto bigger, better things.

Always watching.

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Re: What will the map change event be?

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