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Map change along with much more

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Map change along with much more

Post  DIABLO258 on Sat Jun 15, 2013 12:22 am

Well, we are changing maps. To which one?

City 8.

Its going to happen. It may not have been player choice, but I have reasons. Reasons which you will all get to hear.
Keep in mind this is not all of them. But for those who saw that I had a meeting with the Admins, this is what we talked about the majority of the time.

Here are some changes being made to rules when we have the map switch.

1. Some of the map will be cut off and abandoned. As in no one will go there, ever.

2. City 8 holds a new government. New CCA structure, new stores, new Administrator.

3. Rebel suits, weapons, and Loyalist suits are gone. Everyone is citizen.

4. Rebels did not get to hide weapons this time around. They all hid on the trains and had to leave weapons and suits behind. Loyalist simply had theirs removed, as well as the pistol and radio.

5. No more Apex. The Apex story will tie into John Partell's. The Apex was a position made up during SoTA so SOMEONE could get a high rank character. So it is being cut down to CmD and SeC.

6. New administrator will be voted in by forum members, it will be a non admin. The character will also be created for them. They cannot crate the race, age, height, or hair, its all laid out. Who they turn into, well that's for them.

7. Admins, NO MORE SPAWNING WEAPONS. The rules are strict. I do not want to see weapons, bombs, traps, suits, anything. Do not spawn anything in except the occasional pistol for someone to find, RARELY AS SHIT. Or if you are to spawn in a weapon, give it to a citizen! Someone who will be afraid of getting caught! This new update is for the people, and all of the Admins will be working rather than being a user with tools.

8. Slums is much smaller and will be open to all CCA Units. CCA Units do not need permission to enter the City 8 slums. Anyone found within can be searched or arrested at anytime, its at the officers discretion.

9. Its 05-01 again. No more 06 rank for CCA.

10. Quotas are gone. Its all about impressing that higher up. SeC or CmD, or even the Administrator

11. CCA will be more brutal, with new outfits. The CCA HD models will be used for City 8. The new models also inquire with new technology that makes the Units subtly more brutal. With new chemicals being injected into their body, the Universal Unions Combine Civil Protection Suit VC8 will give the host a more angry sense towards Citizen and lower ranking units, to keep Units in line.
(We are changing the default Enlisted model to a Metro Pack V5 model)

12. Restrictions will be more strict. 05-04 cannot amputate. 05 get pistol. 04 gets pistol. 03 gets SMG, 02 gets Shotgun, 01 gets AR2. EpU gets AR2. DvL and OTA get OICW. Aswell as CMD and SEC. 05-01 cannot order other units. EpU cannot order units. DvL can, OfC can. OTA's can only in combat. CmD and SeC can. 03 and hold rations. 03 can interrogate, but not torture. 02 can interrogate. 01 can torture. EpU and up can hold searches.

13. Removing the S1-S5 idea for CCA. Good idea, but will not be needed anymore.

14.Admins will not grant as many ideas. We will go through the forums for ideas, no more in game ideas. And even the ideas will get more strict. (Im serious. Admins, cut down on your ass pulling. I will be watching and I will demote you)

15. No more room claiming in D6. Places will be decorated with design, but you must create your own room and leave it up for grabs for anyone. Just claim it when you get online. (Erica Wittman for example, she has an underground secret base, this will not happen anymore)

16. Admins once again DO NOT SPAWN IN WEAPONS. I dont care about IC SHIPMENTS. That does not and cannot happen in D6, its in Japan. There are no ways for people to get shipments to the walls of C8 because anyone outside was killed. No ships have docked on japans shores since the war. (C8 is in Japan, Japans coasts are guarded by CCA constantly, no one goes in or out)

17. PK's will happen more often. Now that the CCA are angered easily through the new suits, they kill more. People will die. They have too. Regulations say so, and admins, that is what you will suggest. If someone comes to you with a problem from a citizen and they dont know how to punish, you will say "Amputate".

18. We are going to extend OOC chat interval to 30-45 seconds. How ever, LOOC chat will remain unlimited.

19. S2M is a must! All CCA, rebels, anyone! You must S2M at all costs! You must roll to hit someone! Always!

20. D6 sweeps will not be "a thing" anymore. They will be called Searches, and every citizen must go into the apartments to be searched. Anyone not found must be found. And must be killed. Amputate. So if you want all your shit to be found, you will stay in the slums. If you dont, you go into the apartments so they dont go snooping. All searches must go through to the Administrator, if he is not online it simply goes to that who is highest rank. SeC, CmD, DvL, OfC.

21. No more on the fly building. I dont want to see more rooms get pimped out by people. It makes the average player feel like they have no place to call home because everything else is taken. Instead we will spawn merely couches, chairs, and desks. Nothing more. No more little tools and ammunition boxes. Just keep things public. you can deck out an apartment room though.

22. Loyalist rank for citizens will be gone. It goes back to -80 loyalist thats it no exceptions suits are removed. No more gun or radio. The CWU sells request devices, and thats how citizens will communicate with CCA units.

23. Flash lights need permits. Medical equipment needs permits. Roommates need permits. You need +10 or more to not get rations. You need +15 for an amputation. To work anywhere, you need a CWU to higher you. No matter what your Loyalist score is, if you want to work, ask a CWU worker.

24. Black marking for CCA will happen more often. 2 Black marks is a demotion. After that, another 2 is an amputation for that Unit.

25. OP's only get PE flags. Admins only get PETN flags. SA's get everything. OP's cannot start events. Admins and up can. And observer will be cut down too. I do not want to see people using observer unless they are called to by another player for help. I will be watching console for this.

26. Lots of things with City 8 are being re-done, so this wont be everything. Little tweaks to how things work will come out soon.

But everyone, these new rules will be in affect. Admins, not doing your parts is a demotion or revoking of Administration privileges. You were all there, except a few. I will remove your ranks if I catch you fucking around with this next update. This is serious, and its something that we all need to work together on to bring the RP back to life.

PM me on steam chat if you have questions. I will be laying out more and more with updates tomorrow.

Always watching.

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Harold Kert - DEAD
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