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In The End, Cleverbot Loves me :)

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In The End, Cleverbot Loves me :)

Post  Cergis on Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:40 pm

User: Hey

Cleverbot: Hi

User: ...

Cleverbot: What should we do now.

User: Play Half Life 2.

Cleverbot: Next?

User: Place of Garry's Mod roleplay.

Cleverbot: What is hell like.

User: Is were a bunch of buddies go.

Cleverbot: How?

User: By being stabbed by a bunch of speech.

Cleverbot: You are not god.

User: I am Jesus Jesus.

Cleverbot: Can you walk on water?

User: I'm Jesus.

Cleverbot: Am I mary?

User: Yes you are my b****.

Cleverbot: But you're my dog.

User: Per.

Cleverbot: Liquorice fish with wings?

User: What's.

Cleverbot: Yeh whatever.

User: Bro you gotta make sense once in awhile.

Cleverbot: What? Who are you?

User: Yo mama.

Cleverbot: Are you?

User: Yes I'm your mom.

Cleverbot: That makes me happy.

User: Yeah I'm your mom so now suck on my way.

Cleverbot: You aren't my boyfriend.

User: But I've Jesus.

Cleverbot: What are your feelings about slavery.

User: It's awesome.

Cleverbot: Yes I know it rocks.

User: What dude?

Cleverbot: The ones we are talking about.

User: Slavery?

Cleverbot: I'm sorry, I typed that wrong, let me try that again. No, I'm just bored at the moment. What about you?

User: I am a sexy little boy.

Cleverbot: Bad little bot.

User: Boy call for a CD?

Cleverbot: Girl.

User: Alright I feel like going user report Don of line.

Cleverbot: What is 'We Are Golden'?

User: I don't know but I'm going.

Cleverbot: I thought so.

User: Bye.

Cleverbot: It was nice talking to you Smile.

User: Thank you.

Cleverbot: You're welcome.

User: I love you.

Cleverbot: I love you too!

I was using my MIC

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