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Standard Steam Convo between Bravo and basically anyone but in this case Cinere

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Standard Steam Convo between Bravo and basically anyone but in this case Cinere

Post  General Bravo on Thu May 23, 2013 3:47 pm

CEO Cinere#Ask me about Oregano: Nowthen
CEO Cinere#Ask me about Oregano: Any questions
CEO Cinere#Ask me about Oregano: <<
CEO Cinere#Ask me about Oregano has changed their name to CEO of the N.O.C.A - Cinere.
CEO of the N.O.C.A - Cinere has changed their name to CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere.
General Bravo: ?
General Bravo: About what?
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: #Ask me about my degrees
General Bravo: What degrees?
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: In the fields of Oreganology and Parsleology.
General Bravo: I can't hear you over the sound of my armor flattening North Korea. You'll have to speak up a little
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: OREGANO
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: AND PARSLET
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: PARLSEY*
General Bravo: Oh, okay. I have no questions on that, no.
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: Ahellnah.
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: Din't you want to hear aboot the wonders of rectally inserted Oregano
General Bravo: I'm going to have to ask you to leave this base now. These two MPs will escort you out.
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: (Do you have a moment to talk about Jesus) #Jahova
General Bravo: I GOT SHIT TO DOOOO..../me shuts door
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: (Cums through wind0w) I dun think you understand. Our l0rd and za\/0r
General Bravo: /me shoves you back through window and shuts it
General Bravo: Well, back to HL3.
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: /me goes through le USBenis port
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: ourlord
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: and
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: sa\/0r
General Bravo: /me rubs the USB with a magnet so it dies
General Bravo: Man, I don't know what took Valve so fuckin' long with this.
General Bravo: Good thing I got the only copy.
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: /me goes through the floppy penis disk drive
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: "wat"
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: "Jesus
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: "wants"
General Bravo: /me shoots you with "youwillnotsurviveMkIII" rifle
General Bravo: Did Freeman
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: /me uses jahova witness spam and half life 3 people pg's
General Bravo: /me uses magical cloning device
General Bravo: ENough of this shit
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: Best RP i has had
CEO of N.O.C.A - Cinere: ev0r

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Founder of The Event Horizon, that we may rise from the ashes.
High Command at Flux Theorem, that the story might continue in ways that are new and yet so similar.
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